Crafting Nature's Essence

Established in 2015, Little Garden Pottery is a family-owned business located in Millbrook, NY. We specialize in creating unique, handcrafted ceramics for the home and garden, using premium materials in our studio surrounded by a cut flower garden. Every creation is distinct, offering a connection to nature, making it the ideal gift for those who appreciate artisanal boutique items. Explore our world, where every piece encapsulates the beauty and tranquility of the natural world.

ceramic artist / owner

Elizabeth Schaefer Erdener

Meet Elizabeth, the driving force behind the artistic journey at Little Garden Pottery, where she partners with her husband, Basar Erdener, to create a remarkable line of pottery. Elizabeth's journey with clay began in high school, sparking a lifelong passion that would eventually become her creative calling. While she initially pursued a degree in Biology, her career path took her on a winding journey to discover her true path. Along the way, she immersed herself in the organic and sustainable food movement, managing start-up businesses, including local food cooperatives and a small organic farm. It was during this time that her entrepreneurial spirit thrived, and she realized that her heart's true desire was to combine her two greatest passions: the transformative power of the Earth and her artistic vision. In 2015, she and Basar embarked on a meaningful endeavor, founding Little Garden Pottery. Here, they co-create and design an enchanting line of pottery, where Elizabeth's chief priority is to infuse each piece with a sense of serenity and contentment. Crafting within an atmosphere of tranquility and joy, she hopes to impart this essence to every piece, so that wherever they find a home, they carry with them a sense of peace and delight.

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Sales / Marketing

Basar Erdener

Introducing Basar Erdener, a key contributor in his capacity as the Sales and Marketing Leader at Little Garden Pottery, a beloved family business he manages alongside his wife, Elizabeth. With over two decades of experience in the product design industry, Basar brings a wealth of knowledge to the craft. His impressive collection of awards is a testament to his unwavering dedication and creative talents, even though his primary focus is on steering the marketing and sales activities of the pottery business. Beyond the accolades, Basar firmly believes in sustainable and human-centric design, values that define the essence of the pottery and the heart of the family business. In addition to his role, Basar generously shares his insights as an adjunct professor at the New York School of Interior Design, nurturing and inspiring emerging talents. Join Basar Erdener on a journey dedicated to celebrating beauty, sustainability, and the limitless potential of the distinctive pieces thoughtfully and gracefully brought to the market under his guidance.