Q- Where can I buy your products?

A- Our products are available in our Online Shop as well as on Etsy marketplace. We work in batches and restock the shop every so often. We announce the exact date and time of the Shop Restock 5-7 days in advance.


Q- Why should I sign up for the e-mail Newsletter?

A-The best way to know when the Shop Restock will be is by signing up for a Newsletter. Only subscribers will receive the exact date. We do announce the date on social media however this does not assure that you will be notified especially because only a small percentage of our followers see the notification in their news feed!!! 

Q- Why is your shop empty right now?

A- We update the online shop with new work and most of the items that we post after a Shop Restock are purchased immediately. 


Q- Do you do Wholesale? 

A- We are open to inquiries. Please fill out the contact form here and let us know more about your request. We will get back to you with relevant pricing and availability. 

Q- Do you do custom orders?

A- We are open to inquiries but we can only customize designs on the standard forms that we currently have. We charge a custom design fee and request a minimum order quantity. Please fill out the contact form here and let us know more about your request.


Q- Why does it take so long to stock your shop? 

A- Each creation is goes through a very long process of forming, cleaning, trimming and getting fired for the first time. We clean the pieces again and hand paint on the colorful glazes. When glazing is finished, the pieces get fired a second time, get photographed, packaged, and shipped. In order to fill our kiln completely we must make many pieces at once, so while it takes a long time from start to finish for one piece, it is getting created in tandem with many others. 


Q- Which products are going to be available in your next Shop Restock?

A- We make sure to restock our standard products but each time is slightly different. The only way to know for sure is if you sign up for a newsletter to receive the Shop Restock notice. And of course follow along on Instagram and Facebook!

Q- If I buy more than one piece from your store, will you combine packages for shipping?

A- It depends on the size of the pieces. We will try to combine shipping however we have had pieces break more often from being shipped in the same parcel, so sometimes we need to package larger pieces individually to eliminate damage. 

Q- Can you give us some tips for purchasing your products?

A- We recommend setting an alarm on your smart phone to remind you of when the Shop Restock will be. We only release new products every so often and they go fast! Make sure to go over the Shop Restock notice and have the items that you want to purchase picked out.  


Q- Can you give us some tips for caring for your products?

A- All pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe except ones that have gold luster, just be careful handling them. Ceramics can last a lifetime!