Little Changes in 2020

Little Garden Pottery is coming on to its' fifth year of operation, and still being a small business, is feeling a need for some changes coming into the new year. 
2019 was dedicated to the "botanical design' series involving highly detailed and decorative sgraffito designs over a dark clay body. Thanks to a few successful mold making experiments, we have decided to continue down the slip casting world of ceramics, educated by as many resources that we could dig up. We want to share what this means so you can be a part of this journey with us. 
There are some limitations that we struggle with, using the current production process:
  • too many steps are required to decorate only one piece - sketching design, hand painting slip, carving design, painting with underglaze, painting with a clear glaze.
  • products crack due to separate pieces coming together and drying at different rates
  • detailed design limits surface area of piece, only able to decorate certain portion of products
  • neck/shoulder/arm stress on the maker :(
  • limits creations to be made by one person
  • limited amount of mugs being made
  • high prices limit affordability
We hope to solve these limitations with a new production process:
  • time will be spent much more efficiently and more productive in the studio
  • more time to produce new exciting designs to release on a regular basis
  • lower price!!
  • less cracking and consistent quality
  • more surface area for decorations
  • less bodily stress on the maker :)
  • opens the possibility of scaling up business
  • more products able to be made = more happy customers


Stay tuned as we are still experimenting this new method. When we are ready we will be delighted to share the results!

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